donderdag 9 juni 2011

Da Final Countdown


I'd like to introduce our first (nameley our last) scenario to this blog.
It is my intention to include lots of houserules, scenario's etc on this blog.
I'll be using Google Docs for sharing, I hope this will fit our purpose.  If you have any toughts, remarks, ... on the scenario feel free to post in the comments section.


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Special rules will folow.

All mobs have grown a bit stronger and have fought with but more often against each other.  Now the warbands with a reputation are called upon to free Mektown from a mad Mekboy who pushed one to many buttons and wrecks Hovock on the outskirts of Mektown.  This is every Nob’s chance to make a name for him self and earn the mob a tittle of “Workshop Mob, Stompa’s of da Loony Mek”.  And earn the respect of the big’uns.
This scenario is written for experienced warbands and should not be attended by snotlings.

Da Desert.
This scenario is played on a long table (we suggest 8’ by 4’)  with lots of scenery.  We divide the table in 3 parts.
Deployment zone is 7”

Section 1 has Tarpits and Dakka drones.
Section 2 includes 3 Killa Kans.  
Section 3 holds Da Last Dread and the Mek’s workplace

All Nobs roll a D6, the palyer with the highest score may deploy first within 7” of the table edge.  All other players then follow staying away form the other mobs as far as they want.

It takes a lot of Waaagh to assault Mektown (even if it’s just the suburbs) so we use the “revin an shouting” roll.  All players roll a D6 and add the number of Orks in there warband.  The Nob with the highest score is the loudest and gets the first turn.

The game ends when “Da Loony Mek “ is killed.  A mob may bottle out sooner but must include Chicken in there name from now on.

Warriors incuded in this scenario can earn experince in the following manner
·         +D6.      Survives  
Every surviving warrior gets  D6 xp.

·         +1          Killed a Drone
A warrior gets 1 xp for disabaling a Dakka Drone.

·         +5.         Killed a Kan      
A warrior gets 5 xp for scoring the last hit on a Killa Kan.

·         +7          Killed da Dread
The Warrior scoring the last hit on the Dread gets 7 xp.

+5          Wounding Hit.

A warrior earns 5 xp for every wounding hit he inflicts during the battle.  Wounding a downed warrior does not count.  Note you only get 5XP for wounding an enemy, regardless of the number of wounds actually inflicted by the hit.

·         +5          Penetrating hit.
A warrior gets 5 xp for every hit penetrating a vehicles armour, regardless of the result of the damage.

·         +10        Da Workshop Mob.
The Nob of the Mob killing “da Loony Mek” gets 10 xp and earn the tittle “Da Workshop Mob, Stompa’s of da Loony Mek”.

Special Rulez..
This scenario uses the following special rules
·         This scenario does not use the Bottling out rules
·         Dakka Drones
·         Tar Pits
·          Killa Kans
·          Da Last Dread
·         Da Loony Mek

Dikke merci aan steven voor het uitschrijven


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