woensdag 13 juli 2011

Downloads: Gang roster Excel file


First up we had a fun game last night.  We didn't get to play a special scenario on the account that no one got anything done on time, but our next engagement looks promising with Grutz buying some Necrons, Jon's Digganid almost done and Wax's Tanker almost done, we've got 3 way cool adventure laying in wait for us.

But on to the subject of the day, a few my fellow gamers asked me for my Gang roster's Excel file. 
I made this file in excel 2010 so I hope everyone can open it.  You should be able to download it from Google Docs and fill in your own gang with the respective costs etc.  Do bear in mind that when you are adding or removing cells and or rows this might effect the calculation of the spreadsheet and could result in wrong data (eg; gang rating)

All comments and adjustments are welcome as a comment in this post.


ps: Ill make some modifications later this week so it has a better layout (my version has cool pictures for all members and vehicles; but google docs removed them)

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